CT240 Cable Transit

Abesco Fireclamp® CT240 Cable Transits are firestop devices which are designed to allow cables and other services to penetrate fire-rated floors and walls. They consist of a rectangular section steel sleeve, which contains a heat reactive intumescent material.

Abesco Fireclamp® CT240 Cable Transits can be opened to provide an easy retro-fit option where cable trays or cables are preinstalled, and are designed to allow for the installation or removal of additional cables. Once installed they require no further maintenance.

Each Abesco Fireclamp® CT240 is supplied with 2 end foam plugs which are inserted after the cables have been installed to reduce smoke leakage. The unique mounting flange for the devices enables them to be attached in place without the use of mechanical fixings into walls or floors

Why use themWhere to useWhat happens in a fireOrdering Information
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit whole cable trays, including two 600mm wide trays side by side.

  • Fire tested for a wide range of cables and other services. Tested empty or completely full.

  • Able to be fitted around already installed services.

  • Independantly tested in accordance with EN1366-3:2009, BS476-20, ASTM814 (UL1479), and AS1530-4.

  • Very easy to install and provides future firestopping needs.

  • Unaffected by moisture.

  • Manufactured to ISO9001:2008.

  • CE Marked.

Abesco Fireclamp® CT240 Cable Transit devices are designed and rigorously tested to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from one compartment to another where these are breached by electrical, data and telecommunications cables and cable trays. These fully retrofittable devices do not require the use of putties, sealants or coatings and can accommodate few or many cables – even up to full size cable ladders.

Abesco Fireclamp® CT240 Cable Transits are suitable for most common types of construction including concrete walls and floors, concrete block walls and gypsum drywall assemblies, and rated wooden floor constructions.

When exposed to high temperatures the intumescent material begins to expand rapidly to form a solid insulating char plug which effectively closes and seals the Abesco Fireclamp® CT240 to prevent the passage of fire and smoke thru the fire-rated wall or floor.


Code Description Dimensions (mm) Case
33005 250mm CT240 Cable Transit Device 250 x 125 x 254 1
33505 Mounting Flange (set of two) for 250 mm CT240 Cable Transit - Single Set
33010 350mm CT240 Cable Transit Device 350 x 125 x 254 1
33510 Mounting Flange (set of two) for 350 mm CT240 Cable Transit - Single Set
33040 450mm CT240 Cable Transit Device 450 x 125 x 254 1
33540 Mounting Flange (set of two) for 450 mm CT240 Cable Transit - Single Set
33050 550mm CT240 Cable Transit Device 550 x 125 x 254 1
33550 Mounting Flange (set of two) for 550 mm CT240 Cable Transit - Single Set
33110 1100mm CT240 Cable Transit Device 1100 x 125 x 254 1
33511 Mounting Flange (set of two) for 1100 mm CT240 Cable Transit - Single Set


Abesco products can be manufactured to meet project specific requirements where standard production specifications may not fulfil all a clients needs. Abesco operates its own fire test furnace and project specific fire testing can be arranged for particular site configurations. Contact us for more details.


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